Inventory Evaluator

Neatopricer Files

Neatopricer 4.36
Neatopricer 3.22

Neatopricer 4.40 (BETA)

Neatoscan Auctions

Cannon EOS Utility



Delete the existing category tree file in C:\ProgramData\neatoscan\metadata\category, then unzip the latest tree in there.

NET Compact Framework Files

3.5 Compact Framework ARM
3.5 Compact Framework Messages

3.5 Compact Framework PC Installer

Socket Scan Files

Socket Scan WM5,WM6
Connect Agent! WM5,WM6 (wireless scanners only)

ActiveSync for Windows XP

Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista/7 64-bit & 32-bit

Windows Mobile Device Center 64-bit
Windows Mobile Device Center 32-bit

SD Card Driver for Dell Axim's

SDHC Driver
Motorola Scanner (MC 70 Series) Data Wedge

Data Wedge for Motorola Scanners (MC 70)

Windows Mobile PPC/2003 CE Installation Files

Socket 10-100 PPC 2003
CEConnect!Agent PPC 2003
SocketScan PPC 2003
3.5 Compact Framework PC Installer
3.5 Compact Framework CAB

Extra Sound files

Extra Sound file zip

Machine Stop
Whistle Here
Socket Ethernet Files

Socket 10/100 Ethernet CAB

Neatoscan Inventory Manager Files - Printer Drivers

Star TSP 700 - Vista/7/8/10 32/64 bit Driver
Star TSP 700 Driver - Windows XP Driver
Star TSP 100 Driver
Star TSP 100 v740 Lite Driver
Star TSP 600 Driver
Motorola LS 2208 Quickstart Guide
Zebra 450 drivers
Zebra ZTC drivers

Windows Mobile 6 Professional & Classic, Windows Mobile 5 Pocket-PC (touch screen devices)

SerialMagic IO Driver
SerialMagic Profession for Windows Mobile Manual

Baracoda Manager Files

BM3.36.3 PPC2003-WIDCOMM(1.5.x.x Stack or Newer)
BM3.36.3 PPC2003-MS.CAB
BM3.36.3 PPC2003-WIDCOMM(1.4.x.x Stack).CAB
Baracoda Manager 3.36.3 (Install from computer).zip
BM3.36.3 PPC2003-WM5-6-WIDCOMM(All Versions).CAB
BM3.36.3 WM5-6-MS.CAB